VisionAfric Development will work with the African Union and other stakeholders to support the implementation of Agenda 2063. This will include providing technical assistance, mobilizing resources, and coordinating efforts to ensure that the agenda's goals are achieved.


To take keen interest and get involved in issues of African development, including investing in Africa and taking up residence or citizenship; encouraging African Governments to welcome returning Africans and provide them with land to conduct their business and contribute to the development of the continent.


Helping to redefine and redirect Africa’s development direction towards independence, self-reliance and creation of a single African economic bloc that will trade within itself and the rest of the world as a single entity with harmonized trade and investment policies across the continent for uniformity and consistency in Africa’s economic relations with the rest to the world.


VisionAfric Development will work towards promoting regional integration by advocating for the removal of barriers to trade, improving transport infrastructure, and promoting cross-border cooperation among regional economic communities.

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VisionAfric Development is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is dedicated to supporting the implementation of Agenda 2063, the African Union’s strategic framework for the socio-economic transformation of the African continent. In addition to Agenda 2063 projects, we have other projects and programs that are not outlined in the Agenda 2063, hence our Agenda 2063Plus Initiative. We work in partnership with Governments, national and regional Parliaments, regional organizations, civil society groups and the private sector to promote African unity, sustainable development and inclusive growth in Africa.

VisionAfric Development

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In addition to supporting the implementation of Agenda 2063 flagship projects,
VisionAfric Development will undertake various projects in pursuance of our stated objectives.


The Team

The founding Board of Trustees of VisionAfric Development comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds including Development Economics, Trade and Investment, Finance, International Relations, etc. The following are the members:

Amb. Lazarous Kapambwe

Secretary General

H.E Amb. Shanta Lana Hereford

Deputy Secretary General

Dr. James Martin Arumus Chairman

Chairman - Board Of Trustees
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