As a Non-Governmental Organization, VisionAfric Development’s objectives are fully aligned with the goals and priorities of the Agenda 2063.

Our objectives are:

1.Supporting the implementation of Agenda 2063: VisionAfric Development will work with the African Union and other stakeholders to support the implementation of Agenda 2063. This will include providing technical assistance, mobilizing resources, and coordinating efforts to ensure that the agenda’s goals are achieved.

2.Encouraging the involvement of all Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora, to take keen interest and get involved in issues of African development, including investing in Africa and taking up residence or citizenship; encouraging African Governments to welcome returning Africans and provide them with land to conduct their business and contribute to the development of the continent.

3.Promoting regional integration: VisionAfric Development will work towards promoting regional integration by advocating for the removal of barriers to trade, improving transport infrastructure, and promoting cross-border cooperation among regional economic communities.

4.Promoting sustainable development and ensuring environmental protection in Africa.

5.Ensuring that Africa benefits from its natural resources by advocating for a range of policy interventions to accelerate value addition to Africa’s natural and agricultural raw materials including investment in Research and Development (R&D), infrastructure development, access to finance for local manufacturers, enterprise capacity building, regional integration, and promotion of sustainable production.

6.Helping to redefine and redirect Africa’s development direction towards independence, self-reliance and creation of a single African economic bloc that will trade within itself and the rest of the world as a single entity with harmonized trade and investment policies across the continent for uniformity and consistency in Africa’s economic relations with the rest to the world.

7.Enhancing human development: VisionAfric Development will focus on enhancing human development by working towards improving access to quality education, healthcare, and social services. This will include supporting initiatives aimed at reducing poverty, promoting gender equality, and advancing youth development.

8.Strengthening governance institutions: VisionAfric Development will work towards strengthening governance institutions by promoting democratic governance, enhancing transparency and accountability, and promoting the rule of law. This will include supporting initiatives aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of public institutions.

9.Fostering partnerships: VisionAfric Development will work to foster partnerships with other organizations and stakeholders within Africa and the Diaspora to support the implementation of Agenda 2063 and other projects to be undertaken in pursuance of African development. This will include collaborating with Governments, national Parliaments and the Pan-African Parliament, civil society organizations, private sector actors, and development partners to mobilize resources and support the implementation of the Agenda.

10.Repositioning the nation of Africa to its rightful place in global affairs by reigniting the continent’s potential to realize its socio-economic imperatives using its own resources as the base for future development. 

11.Promoting Pan – Africanism where all peoples of African origin and decent in every continent are united in purpose to promote a united and prosperous Africa. 

12.Ensuring that Africa achieves sustainable development through genuine investment in key socio-economic sectors with a major drive towards integration that will make it possible for Africa to trade as a single entity with the rest of the world.

13.Reviving and disseminating Africa’s history and protection of Africa’s cultural heritage as an integral part of our African national development agenda, hence the need for the active involvement of our traditional leadership through our Kingdoms and Chiefdoms in the development process so as to ensure the incorporation of our indigenous knowledge systems, arts, education, etc.

Our objectives, as outlined above, are fully in line with the African Union’s Agenda 2063 that is indented to see a developed Africa, united in peace and security in a prosperous continent. We are fully committed to the cause of Africa’s development, leveraging our strengths as a Non-Governmental Organization.