Mobilization of resources and creation of partnership

In addition to supporting the implementation of the fifteen (15) Agenda 2063 flagship projects, VisionAfric Development will undertake mobilization of resources and creation of partnerships for various projects and programs to enhance Africa’s development. Some of the projects and programs which make up the Agenda 2063 Plus Initiative will include:

  1. Education and Skills Development to improve access to quality education and technical and vocational skills to supportdevelopment needs.
  1. Healthcare Investment to improve access to quality
  2. Scaling up Nutrition to combat the prevalence of malnutrition cases on the
  3. Improving Agricultural Productivity and value chain to guarantee food security, industrialization and
  4. African Agricultural Bank, an Africa-wide bank specialized in lending to the agricultural sector to boost food production for both local and export
  5. African Manufacturing Zones to stimulate value addition to African raw materials, including assembly plants for various capital goods and equipment as well as recycling plants for better waste management.
  1. Infrastructure Development, including transport, energy, water and
  2. Developing Sports Infrastructure to develop Africa’s sporting skills which are a potential economic force on the continent and enhance socio-cultural interaction amongst the peoples of the
  3. Developing Smart Cities which are urban areas that leverage technology and data to improve the quality of life for their citizens, enhance sustainability, and optimize the use of
  4. Digital Infrastructure to increase access to information and communication technologies across the
  5. Developing Africa’s Blue Economy by improving economic activities that are based on the sustainable use of ocean resources, including fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, maritime transport, and offshore energy.
  1. African Energy Supply by use of Africa’s energy resources to power the anticipated rapid industrialization of the
  2. Private Sector Development, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises to enable them to participate in the economic development of the continent.
  1. African Trade and Investment Fund (ATIF), an independent non-governmental African financial institution that will finance African development projects and give grants and guarantees for Africans’ investment in
  2. Housing and Real Estate Development to meet Africa’s needs for decent housing with appropriate water and sanitation services.
  1. Women’s Empowerment to promote gender equality by opening access to economic
  2. African Women and Youth Bank to permit this sector of Africa’s business community to grow their enterprises and stimulate employment creation.
  1. African Tourism Agency (ATA), to promote Africa’s tourism attractions to rest of the
  2. African Centre for Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries, to promote African culture and develop creative skills such as performing arts, music and crafts.
  1. African News Agency (ANA) to disseminate positive news and good stories from Africa and paint the correct picture of the continent to the rest of the world so as to counter the damage done by dominant international news
  2. Promoting e-Government including e-Parliaments to promote openness and improve Government and legislative efficiency and service delivery to African peoples.
  3.  Leadership Development through capacity building and training the youth for leadership roles