The slow implementation of Agenda 2063 and other African development initiatives is what motivated the formation of VisionAfric Development.  Our strategy to help the speedy implementation of Agenda 2063, shall be anchored on the following:

  1. Mobilize Resources: VisionAfric Development will engage with donors and investors to mobilize resources to support the implementation of Agenda 2063. This will involve fundraising, advocacy, and partnership building with key stakeholders.
  1. Capacity Building: VisionAfric Development will support capacity building efforts at various levels to ensure that individuals and institutions have the necessary skills and resources to implement Agenda 2063 effectively.
  1. Research and Knowledge Sharing: VisionAfric Development will undertake research and knowledge-sharing activities to help identify best practices, innovative approaches, and lessons learned from previous development efforts. This will help to inform the design and implementation of interventions under Agenda 2063.
  1. Advocacy and Awareness-raising: VisionAfric Development will engage in advocacy and awareness-raising activities to help build support for Agenda 2063 and promote public debate and discussion around key development issues.
  1. Partnership and Collaboration: VisionAfric Development will work in partnership with other organizations, including Governments, Parliaments, international organizations, and other NGOs to help drive progress towards achieving Agenda 2063 goals.
  1. Project Implementation: VisionAfric Development will undertake specific projects outlined above that align with the objectives of Agenda 2063, such as supporting infrastructure development, promoting regional integration, or enhancing value addition to natural and agricultural resources.
  1. Monitoring and Evaluation: VisionAfric Development will support monitoring and evaluation efforts to help track progress towards achieving Agenda 2063 goals and identify areas where interventions may need to be adjusted to improve effectiveness.


By building strong partnerships and undertaking these actions outlined above, VisionAfric Development will help to speed up the implementation of Agenda 2063 and contribute to the overall development of Africa.